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Dining Before Garth Brooks?

Looking to dine near Croke park before the Garth brooks concert?

Starving after a long train journey to Croke Park?

Pop down to Doyles Corner, located only a few minutes walk from the concert for some great food & drinks offers

Here at Doyles Corner we guarantee to get you in the mood for the big event in Croke Park.

Before every Garth Brooks Cornert here at DoylesCorner We are offering 2 for 1 cocktails when ordering main courses, playing Garth Brooks last live Concert on the big screens, & great pre-concert drink promos on the night including drink prizes for best Garth Brooks impersonations.

Plus with a large dining menu & ample seating across two floors, we are certain to you'll head of to the concert with plenty of "soakage". 

Serving - Pizzas, Burgers, Steaks, Fish & chips, Hot wings plus much much more we are certain we can cater for even the fussiset of eaters.

Unfortunatly we don't have 'American pie' (Whatever that even is)

Walk-ins welcome or book a seat on our book a table tab.

While I have ya, check out our post Concert After Party on our new page, Rumor has it the man himself might be coming (?)

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